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Monitoring Resource Usage with Resource Governor

by Mark Wilkinson · September 30, 2016

When Resource Governor was first introduced with SQL Server 2008 you could use it to put limits on CPU usage, memory usage, and concurrent requests. In later editions Microsoft also added the ability to limit disk IO, place a hard cap on CPU usage, and control NUMA node affinity. Resource Governor is a great way to ensure no single application or user can completely starve another application or user of their SQL Server resources, but thats not what we are going to focus on today.


I'm Still Here

by Mark Wilkinson · July 02, 2016

I’m still here. The only updates I have made to the blog in the past year have been updating my ‘about’ page to note the new addition to our family (which is a great thing!). My last blog post was published two weeks before my daughter was born, and now that her first birthday is coming up I feel like I’m in a good place to start writing again. Writing technical blog posts is such a departure from my day-to-day work that it can be hard to get “in the zone”, especially with a new baby (now fully mobile toddler) around the house.